Display Boards



Display boards are screens that allow you to display up-to-the-second information. These display boards can comprise of one or more of the following components:
•Label panels
•Leaderboard panels
•Summary panels
•RSS feed panels
•Web page panels
You simply pick which panels you want to use. By allowing users to create and customise their own combination of leader boards, news headlines or CRM information with additional summary panels, there is no limit to the permutations that canbe achieved.The example to the right shows a display board with a label panel, followed by a leaderboard panel, and a series of 5 summary panels.          

Populating Display Boards

 Display boards are populated by 'Stats points' which can be placed anywhere in your directory. You can choose the site, group or user you want the statistics to encompass.

Alternatively you may want to select what you want the subject of the statistics to be. The subjects you can choose from include users, user groups, channels, channel groups, dialled number, CLI, chargeband, destination, half-hour time slot and account code.

To save on resources, you can also select the call types you want to exclude from any stats point. Stats points can be set to automatically refresh at predetermined times e.g. Daily at 08:00, weekly starting on 01/09/2009 and every week thereafter, or monthly starting on 01/10/2009.

You may have more than one stats point at any point in your directory e.g. If you wanted to collect both daily and weekly stats for any particular team.

Customising Display Boards

Display boards are completely customisable. As well as allowing the user to define exactly what combination of panels are displayed users can also define font sizes, colours, and panel refresh rates etc.

You can drag panels around the screen and reorganise the layout in seconds. You can import external data via a live feed.

You have additional options that make your display boards even more customisable e.g. You can temporarily hide columns. This would be ideal if you were running a telesales campaign one afternoon and only wanted to show outgoing calls.

Unlimited display boards

TIM Plus, and TIM Enterprise do not place any limit on the number of display boards you are allowed. You can even set up more than one display board for any specific area of your organisation e.g. You may want two display boards on your London telesales team - one showing daily stats and one weekly stats. You may even want to combine the results in a single display board.

Display board costing

There is no cost for adding display boards in TIM Plus, and TIM Enterprise You will however have to provide the physical screens required to display the information on if you do not want to access purely from your web browser.