Sample Reports

TIM Call Logging products produce a number of highly flexible reports. All of these are available on-demand at the PC running TIM, or through a standard web browser anywhere on your network.
They can also be sent to a printer, file or to multiple e-mail addresses on a scheduled basis, every hour, day, week, month or quarter.
Each report is generated in standard HTML and TIM uses template HTML files for its headers and footers, meaning that every single report can be completely customised to include your company logo, personalised contact information - indeed, anything written in HTML.
Some of the more popular reports are described here, with a short description and a print preview..

Billing Report
This is used when you need to produce a telephone bill for a client or group of clients, for example in a business centre, a hospital, hotel or between your company's departments.
PreviewOrganisation Drill Down Report
A powerful, fully-clickable report which begins with a complete summary of all departmental activity with totals.
By simply clicking on the department you're interested in, the report zooms in to show the same summary information for each individual extension in that group.
Zoom in further to a particular extension to see a detailed itemised list of all call activity on that extension.
PreviewTrunks Busy Report
This breaks down each business day into half-hour periods, showing the maximum and average number of concurrent phones in use during any particular half-hour. Standard filters apply, so you can choose to concentrate on only incoming or only outgoing calls, or exclude weekends so as not to distort your figures when traffic may normally be low.
PreviewCall Geography
Shows vivid pie charts and a detailed table with complete information about where you make your calls to, out of local, national, international, mobile, etc. Each segment is shown as a percentage of the number of calls, and again to show how much of the cost is made up of those types of calls. This quickly enables you to see how just a handful of calls may account for the majority of your costs!
PreviewTop Calls Report
Quickly identify your top calls in terms of cost or duration. This is most useful for uncovering abuse or for identifying expensive types of calls, for example calls to directory enquiry services, mobile phones, premium rate numbers etc.
PreviewIncoming Call Analysis
Breaks down your working day into half-hour segments and reveals important information about your incoming calls. See calls that are answered and abandoned, how long it takes you to answer them, or how long people are waiting before they give up and abandon the call. These figures are shown as maximum and averages so you can more effectively plan your staffing requirements throughout each day.
PreviewTarget Response Report
Quickly assess how well a group of extensions (or your whole organisation) is answering incoming calls within a pre-determined target. It provides a line by line summary of each day along with a visual indicator showing the percentage of incoming calls answered within and outside your target.
PreviewCustom Report
An extremely flexible report, for those who feel they want more information than is provided by the in-built reports; you can specify exactly what search terms you want to look for including Caller id an LCR calls