TIM Talk



TIM Talk is a call recording module that sits between your incoming lines and telephone systen to automatically record all calls in and out of your organisation. It does not matter whether you have analogue lines, Basic Rate or Primary Rate (E1) lines.
Every time someone in your organisation answers the phone or makes a call, they represent your company. In order to meet some statutory requirements you may now be obliged to record all calls.
Unlike many other call recorder, with TIM Talk, you can easily retrieve and listen to these calls by using the flexible and intuitive search capabilities available. The advanced TIM Plus Call Logger is included as standard, (also available with TIM Enterprise) and each call logging record has a speech lozenge indicating the presence of the associated call recording.
You can retrieve a single call or series of calls in seconds for immediate playback by any authorised web user. The calls are listed and all you have to do nothing more than ‘Click’ to play the recording!

Quick Search

The TIM Talk solution also enables single-click searching on any combination of the usual call details such as date & time, dialled number, and caller ID. In addition - and uniquely, compared to most other call recording systems - you can search for calls made or received by individual users!, this ia as well as the offering the oppertunity to listen to the recordings in any or the call logging reports that a user runs on the TIM Plus or Enterprise

Product Features

As well as all the features of either TIM Plus or Enterprise tim talk includes:
Stereo recording
After finding the recording of an alleged dispute, if all you can hear is two irate people shouting over the top each other, then you need stereo recording! It stores each side of the call separately so you can silence one side at a time - effectively allowing each side to say their piece without interruption!
Easy retrieval of calls by user
As any serious user of call recording will testify, the ability to find calls using the individual user as a search term, rather than being limited by just the usual details of a call - such as dialled number and the approximate time it happened - is one of the most powerful features a call recording system can offer.
Passive and Active recording
Our magic boxes offer passive as well as active recording, giving the peace of mind of a high-impedance wire tap that won't interrupt your phone lines in the event of a hardware failure.
Track the call in its entirety
If a call under scrutiny is transferred on to someone else, it's easy to follow it... simply click on the 'View related recordings' link to continue to listen to the next part.
View a call audit
Authorised users have the ability to view who's already listened to a call, and when.
Add notes
As well as listening to calls, TIM Talk allows you to add quick notes to it, either to summarise the call or to remind yourself of a certain part of it. Now, after adding a note, whenever you see the call, it'll stand out from the rest, having a small yellow posted note icon next to it.
Flexible access
Don't restrict access to the recording to a favoured few. Allow everyone access to their own calls. We often find that what we said differs vastly from what we think we said - allow users to train themselves by hearing their own calls! And allow their managers to retrieve these calls from any location via a standard web-browser. With no limits to the amount of users that can access calls and simple restrictions to limit access to specific areas - TIM Talk is the ideal training tool!
Secure access
Access is restricted by username and password and can be further restricted to specific IP addresses. This means that although access is easy for authorised users, it becomes impossible for those without authorisation.
You may just want to record the calls for training purposes but all calls are encrypted as standard so you can relax knowing that they can be used in a court of law if necessary.
FSA Requirements
You may be obliged to record calls. Make it worth your while by installing a call recorder you can actually use. One that provides much more than another tick on a list of pre-requisites that you are obliged to meet!
Cost effective
Traditionally call recording has been prohibitively expensive, a nice to have feature but very expensive and difficult to cost justify. TIM Talk is competitively priced to remove the cost barriers often associated with call recording.
TIM Talk treats the call recording as just another property of the call. The interface on our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call logging software is particularly easy to use - using a standard web browser, any call can be found in seconds. Now you simply have to click on the speech lozenge alongside it to listen to it as well. Any Call Recording is just a click away via a standard web browser! (assuming authorised login).